Sleeping beach chairs

Sleeping directly on the north beach on the dune

Beach chairs are simply part of the North Sea. Comfortable and sheltered from the wind, you can enjoy the sun and the view of the sea and the sunset.

For their overnight stay in the sleeping beach chair, you can already reserve it for the year 2023 for 77.00 € per night. The basket can be used by up to 2 people. You will receive a pillow and sleeping bag on loan and a piccolo of sparkling wine per person.
Bookable is the sleeping beach basket by the night from 15.06. to 15.09.


Tel: +49 4725 808-753

What can I expect when sleeping in a beach chair?

With a width of 1.30 m and a length of 2.40 m, the sleeping beach chair offers enough space for two adults.
The wind- and weatherproof tarpaulin of the sleeping beach chair can be closed completely, and thus guarantees an undisturbed sleep, even when wind and rain come up.
The windows can be closed, ensuring protection from prying eyes.


Sleeping beach chairs – a handmade product of Stiftung Mensch

The sleeping beach chairs are manufactured in the workshop of Stiftung Mensch in Meldorf, Schleswig-Holstein.


Finally, a note for your safety:

Our bathing beaches are not guarded at night and swimming in open waters is strongly discouraged due to dangerous currents.
Thank you for not swimming in the North Sea at night.


More information about the sleeping beach chair:

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