Grey seals and harbor seals on Helgoland
Grey seal autumn: large groups of seals on the beach

After the end of summer, the beaches are starting to get crowded again.

Now large groups of grey seals and harbor seals can be observed on the beaches again. In addition to marine mammals, enthusiastic ornithologists also find limicolts and migratory birds in the swells.

Therefore, there are some additional notes to consider here as well:

  • Take binoculars and a camera if you want to observe the animals
  • The weather is starting to get stormier, so large piles of algae can also wash up, attracting birds. In addition, there are occasional seals in them, which are not always immediately obvious due to their fur coloration.
  • Please keep 30 meters distance to the animals
  • The responsible employees of the municipality (rangers) are authorized to punish irresponsible behavior with expulsions if necessary

Here you can find detailed info on all seal topics

Download area seal information flyer

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