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Offshore Island Helgoland

"From the West a description of the Island of Helgoland reaches me both in terms of the beautiful instances of inorganic an organic nature, the consolidated values of prehistoric life, and in terms of still fresh evidence for the survival and work of the eternal spirit of the age. "

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
24th October, 1827

Germany has got many islands, however there is one high sea island only. About 70 km off mainland the red sand-stone rock with its green land steeplys stands out against the German Sea. (German Sea = Nordsee) Helgoland – an oasis of quietude and a unique natural monument. There is nothing to compare with it!
Moreover, as you will discover, everything is a little bit different. For instance the sun. People living on the mainland do not even dare to dream of it – as often as it shines upon the island. The climate is favoured by the surrounding Gulf Stream favourably. It gives us the bright but not too hot summer seasons and due to the mild temperatures it ensures during winter time that our "exotic" plants do not get frostbitten.
The special sea current brings us our proverbial clean sand beach. On the dune situated immediately in front of the island you can bath, independently form ebb and flow of the tide, on spacious beaches in healthy and clean German Sea waters.
By the way: in desalinated condition the water has got drinking water norm.

The air itself does not require any special technology. Even on top of the Zugspitze (the highest point of Germany) there are more dust particles flying around than on the island of Helgoland. Here you will neither encounter any car noise toxic exhaust gases, i. e. pure nature – everywhere.

Did you already know that Helgoland is Germany´s richest place in iodine and oxygen? The island´s poverty of pollens is of great help to people allergies and asthmatics. The healling atmosphere of the sea has a positive effects on most respiratory diseases. Symptoms of such diseases often fail to appear under the conditions of our curative climate. For many people this means health without medicaments. The remedy is just to breath through deeply. That is another reason why we are allowed to designate ourselves German Sea health resort.

 What else has Germany´s one and only high sea island got to offer?

For instance the island´s unique and tremendous flora and fauna, the world famous Helgoland lobster as well as the island´s specialty, the "Knieper" (the pincers of the common crab) mean a feast for the gourmet. The natural event Dune, our famous bird protection station, the Biological Institute, the cliffs hiking trail around the cliff paths, the "Lummenfelsen" the world´s smallest wildlife preserve, the seawater outdoor swimming bath is kept at a constant temperature of 26 °C throughout the year, the sailing and high sea yachting club, tennis and minigolf pitches as well as fishing tours. Helgoland offers you a shopping event of a very special nature either.

Not only because of the Customs duty and VAT exemptions. Exclusive shops invite you for extensive strolls. Altogether a great deal of offers. You are kindly invited to get acquainted with the island´s varied items. Or just let your soul dangle, either as a one-day guest enjoying a "short climate cure" or as holiday maker staying for a longer period of time.

It does not matter whether during summer or winter, in preseason or off-season, Helgoland has ita own special fascination throughout the year. After having stayed with us, you, too, will say: Helgoland – my island

Alone or in guided groups you can explore the German Sea island all over the year. Just hike on the beaten tracks of our eventful history, encounter Hoffmann von Fallersleben and James Kruess on the cultural trail or just get to know the wonders of nature by walking. We shall be pleased to supply you with our information materials.

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